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Here are some things that i think would greatly improve the immersion of flying in DCS.

I'm not just talking about the graphics, but also of added impact on the flight.


All sorts of clouds. Clouds are a large part of he flying experience and can give an awesome feeling of altitude:





Or just a good feeling of realism and atmosphere



runways that arent perfectly flat:



Wet runways



Visible rain and rain which will decrease your visibility when flying through:



Some randomness in the Flat/grassy areas instead of the pool table flatness.




There's probably more, but you see where i'm going with this.



PS obviously these are not my pictures, copyright with he owners and such

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While there’s still room for improvement in this area, DCS actually has undulating runways. LV Mccarren is one that comes to mind. The picture you posted was taken from a low profile and long distance with a telephoto lens. This crompresses the subject of the image and exagerates the perception of ‘non-flatness’.

Clouds...yeah. We’ve been promised new clouds for years now. I mean, if they don’t have the resources or knowledge to get this done at least open it up to, or collaborate with, some of the established third party companies that specialize in aftermarket sim weather.

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I'm sure if ORBX wanted to develop for DCS they would be. Its whether the market is big enough for them to make money and if their workflow is at all compatible with the way DCS does things.

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