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Integrity Check succeeds on startup, but fails after starting a mission (SP or MP)


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My DCS (openbeta branch) fails integrity check after flying the F/A-18 Free Flight Instant Action or in a multiplayer server. It passes integrity check on fresh startup of DCS. This has happened both today with the latest openbeta patch ( as well as yesterday with the previous patch.


Attached are two screenshots showing the files that are triggering the integrity check failure.


I have not tried any other Instant Action to see if it is just starting any mission/flight at all that creates this problem.







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I'm a little confused.


What I understand from "I.C. succeeds" is that I.C. successfully catches the abnormal modifications but, here you mean I.C. doesn't warning about anything at first, right?


If so, I think this issue is there a long time.


Sometimes I test a mod that I know it could not pass the I.C.

At multiplayer lobby, I.C. shield icon seems green (no warning) but when I entered a server that I.C. enabled, the server kicks me out. And then I see the I.C. shield icon is red and reports which files are guilty. :)




In your case, did you install a land texture mod?

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