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we also need this for our squad. Our whole REDFOR is flying in VR, while BLUE dont. So the problem applies to us also

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Why do you care why he needs it? He asked a simple question. Unfortunately I can't give him the answer.


Looking back; I believe I misread his question.


If I understand correctly; he wishes to change the in-game aircraft label to display whether or not a player is in VR (or display session type). Kind of like how FSX cycles through label data for aircraft in the air.


This would actually be useful; however, I have spent a lot of time digging around the game's files and as of yet I don't believe it would be a simple task. You'd have to create or call from new functions that tell the label whether or not a client is using the "VR" option - even then you'd more than likely need to re-design the label function itself. ED may be able to do it in a few hours, someone here might even be able to do it - but I don't believe it would be easy.

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