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Face Tracking


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i recently came across a program on a site that allowed you not to use a cap/clip to use a face tracking software/program.

I'm still using the demo but its working very well with DCS, nearly as smooth as my clip, but I haven't got it as smooth yet, only had it an hour or two.

my question is it uses the opentrack/freetrack system, but in using it I need to have this 3rd party website open and run that before the system will start, which I don't want to do.

(its a well known site, not dodgy LOL, that we probably all use)

now I'm not trying to pirate it or anything like that, and I have ask the dev on the forum if it can be downloaded somewhere else as a straight program to run seperatly like opentrack.

is it possible opentrack itself will do this?

sorry for vagueness but not sure if I can say where it is, maybe I can as we see it a lot here?

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I meant is sounded similar to that, and was suggesting facetrack as a standalone non-trial option.




Sorry- I wasn’t arguing with you, just trying to figure out which program he is using to be able to help him.



I use facetracknoir and it works fine once it’s configured properly. It works with the tracking clips and hats too (one day I’ll make one). The only issue I have with it is that it tracks eyes and mouth to determine face position. When you take a drink or rub your face or somehow obscure it from the camera it can get messed up when it finds your face again. A quick stop and start of the tracker and it’s back to normal.

I have a couple buttons on my mouse programmed to 1. Freeze the tracker, and 2. Reset the tracker



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sorry to introduce my self, i just bought facetracknoir and i foud it great but i'm not sure for the setting. when i was in plane i'm seated to high i finally resolve that but my problem now it's to keep the cam align whit the hud ( left or right ) becaus sometime i have to move a lot to re-align

did you have any tutorial or help for that

i search on google but don't found anything useful


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