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Mission consistently causes a crash


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The attached mission consistently causes a crash when I call for the first radio item, "launch cruise missile attack". It didn't do this last night but I added a few more things today and now it crashes every time. Is it possible to tell if this is overloading some system resource or is it possible to fix the mission somehow and have it run?

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I've taken a quick look at the mission and I'd say that whilst there are a lot of objects, there aren't too many for it to handle. So that's not the problem.


I would recommend that any ground units that are not integral to the mission or are required to shoot be replaced with static objects instead of actual units. This will reduce the overhead on the background engine figuring out which unit can see what and which unit can fire at what, etc...


No help with what's causing it though, I suspected the B-52 might be the issue, but this fires fine on its own. I'd remove the triggers causing all the units to fire / spawn, and add them in one by one until you find the culprit.

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I did have a problem with the "uncontrolled" harriers freezing in the air shortly after takeoff from the Tarawa, and I had to switch them to start immediately.




The real killer though appears to have been my method for late activating a replacement tanker from the Stennis. My method was to despawn the first tanker when it lands with a unit in moving zone trigger, and activate the second to take off from runway on the Stennis. That seems to throw a problem when the stennis group launches its attack.




After significant fiddling I worked up the attached version of the mission which plays out pretty much as intended without crashing.

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