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Additional HOTAS commands


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Not sure if I've ever seen this mentioned here in detail...but we need some additional Hotas commands that are available in the real jet.


Selecting any AA missile with the AA weapon switch should automatically bring up the radar page on the right DDI.


Furthermore moving the castle hat switch into/towards the right DDI should bring up the Radar page on the DDI if in AA master mode.


These are simple additions, and I think there are a few similar type commands, that could surely be added very easily.


They are in fact mentioned by Jello in Matt Wagners interview in the recent podcast. The hornet pilot seems surprised when he can't replicate the command in DCS. Unfortunately Wags doesn't seem to pick up on it.


See the 40:30 time mark in the interview: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=222192, there's some confusion about the radar not being on, but this isn't the real problem.

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