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Mig-29 Wingman won't land

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Mig-29 Wingman won't land in first campaign mission "over the hump". He would just circle around deploying his landing gear up and down. Landing strip was clear. I also saw that he was able to deploy airbrakes with a centerline fuel tank.

MODUALS OWNED       MiG-21Bis, Fw-190D, Bf-109K, P-51D, F-86F, Ka-50, UH-1H, Mi-8MTV2, Mi-24, FC3, A-10C, A-10CII, CA, Mirage 2000C, Gazelle, L-39, MiG-15Bis, F-86, F-5E, AJS 37 Viggen, MiG-19, F-14 TOMCAT, F/A-18C HORNET, F-16C VIPER, AV-8B/NA, Spitfire IX, AH-64D APACHE, F-15 E,SYRIA, NEVADA, NORMANDY, PERSIAN GULF, MARIANA ISLANDS,SUPER CARRIER, WORLD WAR II ASSETS PACK, HAWK T1

SYSTEM SPECS            AMD FX 8350 4.0 Ghz CPU , ATI RX 6600 8 gig GPU ,32 gig ram on Win11 64bit.


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