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*** Leatherneck Sims' Bug Tracking ***


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Dear All,


In order to better accommodate both current and future project update needs, we'd like to urge all users to cease reporting bugs on the Bugs subforum (unless significant discussion is indicated) and instead help us out by registering a new account and reporting a bug on the bug tracker.



This will allow us to more effectively receive bug reports from users, convey what is received and already fixed, as well as offer an insight into our post release support process. We also hope that the added transparency will better indicate how many changes are made that previously were not noted in changelogs.





  • Write an accurate and detailed report. Do not be vague, or leave simple things out. The more information that is presented, the better, as we can recreate the problem exactly as the user experienced it.

  • Include all the steps taken to produce the bug(s).

  • Attach Missions, TacViews tracks, and/or SARPP, dcs.log data files, and screenshots.

  • Show real world data compared to the modules' data. Preferably in English or Serbian.

  • Keep all the information presented in a neat, orderly easy-to-follow format.


This will help us immensely in reproducing the issue and confirming it.

You can also add further comments or updates on an issue after reporting it.


Once a report is submitted, we will take a look at it ASAP.

Please note that this bug tracker is separate from our internal one, thus issue statuses will not be accurate unless set to resolved or closed.


If a bug that is reported is not seen, please add it. It's likely we are already tracking it, but better safe than sorry!


Most of all; we'd like to thank all of you for taking the time to report bugs and help us build better products.


Many Thanks,

Leatherneck Simulations




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