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A small tribute to the Mig29 and ED's job

Eight Ball

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I know the 3D model is not new, I just never had noticed how detailled it was.

Although pictures aren't the best to portray flight models, you can still see some aspect of it in the landing screenshots.



All in all, thanks a lot ED, I love the 29 :thumbup:



So here are a few pics of a simple mission where I help the Iranian Department of Transport solving train traffic congestion issues in Kerman.


























































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Fantastic screenshots, Eight Ball :thumbup:

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Just superb.

Thanks for those pictures Height Ball!

They really highlight the remarkable work done by ED.

We're reaching a point where it's difficult to ask for improvements on the 3D models.

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I am thinking that what is the next generation damage modeling by ED, when they implement systems like from flatout driving series


That last image just reminded about it when the plane had one wing on the ground and its pivot tube / antenna hitting ground etc.

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Awesome work! very nice pictures, we have been flying it too, wow its fast and slick, it doesn't want to land... it want's to fly!...

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Actually i thought these are real life pictures. I realised on 4th that are not.


Didn´t look on the background too much.

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Gotta give it to ED they really nailed this module. Brought the MiG 29 back to life! Hopefully we'll see this on the rest of FC3.

But there is none left with the SFM :)

Apart from the new FM there are still things missing compared to other FC3 frames, like waypoint info.

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