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Glasses and DCS


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I am old. My eyes are bad.

I have been playing on a 6 year old prescription on a 27" 1080p monitor.

I couldn't see well enough to dogfight really.

I got a bigger 4k system which is perfect at 6 feet away but I was using 6 year old readers and I noticed it wasn't too bad. Typical old age eyesight is a loss of the ability to focus up close.

This is why we hold a newspaper miles away to read it.


I asked the eye doc to make my new readers focus at 6-8 feet.

I just wanted to share that it works perfectly. Dog fight training begins shortly.


I read somewhere that the rift and vive type things are based on a 6 foot focus.

Is this true? If so I should be able to use that same prescription on some insert lenses maybe?

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