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Spitfire Air racing in the Gulf

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Dubai fun day.

I generally make a new mission a day and delete them all periodically and start over as I learn.

This is an aero bi athalon. Fly the course and shoot targets where time is the winner.

My own rules for this one is the lowest time wins with a one minute penalty (3 points = one target) for any targets not eliminated by shutdown. Shutdown can occur on the runway even at shutdown but I must be stopped at Dubai Intl.


One could switch the mission to any aircraft in the ME.

I included my 4 warbirds in the zip but only tested the Spitfire.

It should be fine since I simply switched planes and gave them all 50% fuel.

I keep wanting to improve my score over and over.

My immediate goal is under 15 minutes with each Aircraft with the full 20 kills.


It is just plain fun and due to the time factor, quite challenging. so I'll leave it here.


In my opinion the Persian Gulf map is very worthwhile and my favourite now.

Warbirds Air race zipped.zip

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Win 10 pro 64 bit. Intel i7 4790 4 Ghz running at 4.6. Asus z97 pro wifi main board, 32 gig 2400 ddr3 gold ram, 50 inch 4K UHD and HDR TV for monitor. H80 cpu cooler. 8 other cooling fans in full tower server case. Soundblaster ZX sound card. EVGA 1080 TI FTW3. TM Hotas Wartog. TM T.16000M MFG Crosswinds Pedals. Trackir 5.

"Everyone should fly a Spitfire at least once" John S. Blyth

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