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[REPORTED] Bug: Unable to reset aileron trim to neutral


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Once aileron trim is input, it is impossible to reset it to neutral. Attached are two tracks, one inputting left aileron trim, the other right aileron. Trim reset leaves a slight mis-trim in the direction of the original trimming. Perhaps this is also why people are finding it impossible to manually move aileron trim to neutral.


EDIT: Back to add a third track (MiG-2S PFM Aileron Trim Bug.trk). This shows that the AP has the same difficulty neutralizing aileron trim. After trimming left wing down and hitting trim reset, fly wings level and set the AP to Attitude Hold followed by Baro Hold. As your speed increases, the AP is continually inputting right and left aileron trim to hold wings level.

MiG-29S PFM Aileron Trim Left.trk

MiG-29S PFM Aileron Trim Right.trk

MiG-2S PFM Aileron Trim Bug.trk

Edited by Ironhand

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU1...CR6IZ7crfdZxDg



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Thanks for the complete report, this is a known and reported issue internal!



Glad this one is making its way through, 'cause it's a major pain in the arse while trying to fly this otherwise great aircraft. I wonder how they missed it :)



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