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DMT Laser Search not fonctionnal (open beta) (SOLVED)


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Hi all

The problem: when i do cold start the dmt dont search laser but if i do hot start it is fonctionnal.

how can we want to play a simulator if we have to have the plane already started ...

At each update there are worries it starts to be really painful

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No problems here in OB. Cold start and Laser Spot Track is working fine for me.

Are you unable to go into LST mode or is LST not picking up lased targets? Have you checked the laser code? Are you trying this while on the ground or airborne?


Perhaps posting a track will help?

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Sorry Oliver but DMT and laser search are working as intended here on OB from a cold start.

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I have try Many many and no.I will joining my track tommorow




Works perfectly fine for me, try a repair maybe?


Plenty of things broken or missing (probably more than are working/included) but the DMT isn’t one.



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I join my two track one with cold start one with hot start. I have do the update today and the tracks recorded after that.

Thanks, it makes it much easier to see what is going on.




In the cold start you don't turn on the DMT switch (yes I know the TV works but it probably shouldn't).




Once you were airborne, the JTAC was lasing and you were trying to get a LST lock


• I took control and used active pause


With the DMT switch off the TV works but LST, etc does not.




• So I turned the DMT switch ON (should have been part of your startup).




• Toggled sensor select forward and aft (INS/TV and LST modes) until I got the correct LST screen (instead of the green TV) and the LST 'X' scanned side to side.




the LST picked up the JTAC's laser and the TV tracked with the moving vehicle.




Tested in DCS Open Beta





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