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How to set a TACAN frequency selected in A-10C at mission start?


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I intend to buy the VR Oculus Rift and therefore want to implement as many as possible funtions and commands with voice attack / vaicom pro 2.5.



As I don't want to use a mouse after having switched to VR I would also like to set a desired TACAN frequency via voice command.



As I found out I probably have to set the default TACAN frequency which is seen at mission start to 0000X or 0000Y in order to set it by voice command. According to the control list of the DCS A-10C you have to get to the right frequency by increase or decrease of each value you want to change.



But this does't work in my opinion without setting the "mission start frequency" to a defined and never changing value.



Puhh... :huh: I hope I wrote it understandable...



Could anybody help me or is there already a solution?



Thanks in advance for the help!



Kind regards



Robert ("Hornet") :)

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