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Loading times at spawn and ME?


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Since the last two updates of the beta, I am experiencing extremely long loading time for the map view to load in ME and when I am jumping into my helicopter, for the objects and cockpits to load. (about 40 seconds to 1 minute before I can scroll the map in the ME, about 20 to 30 seconds for the cockpit to load for the spawn). These are very unusual times for me with my current configuration compared to OpenBeta versions a month ago. I am flying mostly the PG map lately.

Any possible explanations? Or anyone experiencing this?


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I had exactly the same thing. I blew everything away and did a clean install and it's now smoother than it's ever been... See here: Link


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That issue is with me a long time already.

I get used to it...

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maybe deleting fxo and metashader could speed up loading time..but I think with all the continuous updated we're getting weekly , a full clean install of DCS can only be good :)

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