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Tanker (AAR) needs some changes. Suggestions!


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I get very frustrated with the tanker sometimes. Is there a way to program the tanker so it tells you:


* How much fuel he has left.

* How much time you have till he RTB's.

* Give correct altitude when called.

* Adjust speed for the air frame they're refueling,

* Or at least told you their current speed.

* Tell you when they are about to turn.


Preferably we should be able to ask for this information on demand.


Cause right now you are in the middle of a tanking session and the tanker just decides to go home without any warning nothing. He is like... "My shift is over... I don't care about you having fuel or not".

It's also annoying when you try to do some AAR with another buddy of yours. And the thing won't even have enough for two. Same as you try to do AAR when some other dude on the server already has taken some fuel 10 minutes ago.

There should be an option to request this info. So you can share a bit of fuel in-between your buddy's.

Also shouldn't a C-130 be able to fuel more then 1 and a half plane fully (When both planes almost empty).

maybe we should just put the tanker on unlimited fuel or something.


These DCS tanker pilots are real a*holes. And sometimes it feels like they are enjoying annoying you. :D :D

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aar is totally an unknown journey

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+1 request for Advanced waypoint action of 'Unlimited Refueling'

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I'd just want them to come up when needed (carrier ops), come into my direction and do a perfectly circular orbit so it stays in place.


At the moment, circular orbits don't really work well as the tankers keep banking around randomly and prolonged racetracks mean he could just be at the other end where I don't need him. Too short racetracks are bad for practice ("Now I finally got th... dare you! Stop turning around already, I was just hooking up!" - who doesn't know that?).



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