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Looking for/Request VFA-31 Skins

Harley Davidson

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Hello Gents,

I'm fairly new to the forums and am looking for or requesting VFA-31 skins. VF-31 is the second oldest in the navy and I really like the Felix the cat symbology. I've downloaded the low vis skin from the user files area and wondered if anyone was using the other amazing skins with color that I've seen on the web.



Any help would be appreciated!

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^^^^ This.....however...if you search the files section...I believe someone has made a skin based on the F-18E/F liveries that exist now.



Creator of:


F-18C VFA-195 "Dambusters" 1998 CAG Livery



F-18C VFA-195 "Dambusters" July 2001 CAG Livery



Pilot avatars for DCS Logbook



How to make a DCS A-10C Panel


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