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M48 Chapparal AI and MIM-72G weird behavior

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I've attached three tracks where in each an M48 Chapparal fires on a different aircraft (AV/8, Mirage 2000 and F/A-18 ) flying straight toward the SAM 5000ft above.


The missile burns for a good amount of time and has alot of energy but the AI fires it at a rather close range (about 2 miles) and is still burning at that point which means it has troubles maneuvering.

But what is even weirder is the way the MIM-72G approaches a target, it flies straight at the angle the SAM launched it until the last second when it pops up to intercept the target. With proximity fuzes still not really working, it misses every time.


The seeker performance is what limits the range I think. The range at which the M48 fires on a Mirage is considerably smaller (around 1 mile), which at this point makes is almost impossible for it to hit anything.





P.S. : Another missile I've done some testing with is the 9M333, while it doesn't behave in the this way, the missile has less range and has slightly worse perfomance overall then a FIM-92C, it really seems odd considering the stinger was made to be used for MANPADS, the seeker is probably better but more energy ?




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