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Someone has the L-39 with trackIR (adjusting zoom)


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Hi guys,


I have trackhat (which is like TrackIr) and I have no problem using it in DCS. However, I would like to be able to move my head (forward-backward) to be able to read the electrical panel on our top right side.


I found this thread,





that should unlock us an let us moving forward more but it seems that I was not able to get it to load. Whatever I do my head stop after moving few inches forward.


Any of you did this config change with the L-39?


Briefly anyone can read the switch labels on the electrical panels?

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i mapped a zoom to my controls, so i can read all that - helps me in every module


Yep, this is finally what I did.


On the track hat (same from track ir). I decided to just keep track of pitch and yaw.


I disabled: Roll, X axis (left/right), Y axis (Up/down), Z axis (forward/backward).


So now my head always stays well centered in the cockpit, being able to look up/down and left/right.


AND, like you, I have set the function "ZOOM VIEW" to one axis of my Cougar Hotas. So, in my example, if I want to look at the electrical panel in details, I simply turn my head a bit to point to it and I turn my knob to zoom on it. Also work on all gauges and when I want to focus on target outside for a better view.


I LOVE it this way. It is perfect for me. Trying to have all 6 axis fully working was a huge lost of time and a circus fest as far as tracking goes. I did realize that those 4 other axis are not necessary at all.


Now with my simplified setup, everything is SOOOOO smooth.

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