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Issues Continue in P-51 Mustang Hotas Since Update


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Last week there was an Update to 2.5 Open Beta that was intended to provide pre-set Hotas Configs for New DCS Users.

As we all know, that didn't work well for current users as it over-wrote and mucked up our current configurations.


And as we also know, there was a Hotfix Update on Tuesday Oct. 16th that was supposed to correct the previous update's issues.

While that seems to have been the case at least for the TF-51 Mustang, I am now having issues in the P-51 Mustang.


First of all, I discovered that most of the configuration issues seemed to remain from the previous update, but it also eliminated my RPM (throttle lever) altogether. I found that and fixed it.


Now my current issues is with regards to the Weapon Release which I have set to a Secondary Trigger on my VKB MCG Pro Grip.

I was trying to carry Rockets and Smoke. As soon as I configured the Cockpit Switches to operate the SMOKE, Smoke was ON CONTINUOUS .."UNLESS" I pressed the Trigger rather than when I pressed the Trigger (as it was previously AND the way it should be).

Even when you turn the Smoke Switches OFF, the smoke continues.

The ONLY way to turn the smoke OFF is to set the switches to Bomb Config (switches Down) but then of course we have no control over the smoke.


PS>I should note that when the cockpit is configured to fire Rockets, they fire as they should with the Trigger Press (and depending on the setup re: Auto/Single etc).

The Trigger issue for the Smoke (and maybe bombs too ?) is the only issue I am currently aware of.


DCS/ED >> Please correct this ASAP.


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