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HOOK ' 18


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Carrier Air Wing Eight is proud to announce the First Annual Carrier Landing Competition, The HOOK '18 competition! HOOK '18 Challenges the Naval Aviators of the DCS World community to come together to find who is the best the Hook of 2018!


Twitch Stream hosted by Billywaugh Merlin


***Entry is limited to 60 Contestants!***



Top Hook: F-14B Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

Second Place: Any choice of T-Shirt from the Heatblur store


Streams: Viewers will have the chance to win the F-14B Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations during the stream!




The Competition will be divided by two phase;


OCT 24 Wednesday ( Qualifying Phase ) - 60 Contestants will perform 1 Warm up and 3 Graded Landings to reach the qualifications


OCT 27 Saturday ( Final Phase ) - Up to 30 Contestants will compete 3 Graded Landings, but only one will be awarded Top Hook!




Event Starts


OCT 24 2018


Qualifying Phase


2300 GMT


OCT 27 2018


Final Phase


2300 GMT


Event Ends


Sign Up!


You can sign up for the competition at http://www.cvw-8.org/hook !

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pretty cool initiative

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who is grading the passes?


As of right now, LSO's from CVW-8. We have reached out to a couple of people to grade and judge the landings as guest LSO's, they'll include popular members from the community and real Naval Aviators.

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