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Latest update not working for me. Messed up F/A18

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You properbly need to re assign the axis of your joystick in the settings.


rudder / pitch / roll and trust.


A few buttons where just like with the previous patch overwritten or deleted, or double assigned to the same or other buttons..


So you have to go though the control settings again. :music_whistling:

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Download and installed the latest stable version and now no control over F/A 18 in instant action .:(

I had some issues after the hotfix in OB, possibly because I had deleted the default profile files that caused double-bindings. But no problems at all after updating the stable version (yesterday). I just checked my F/A-18 bindings and there was nothing wrong at all. It's a mystery to me why this works for some people and not for others. Most people seem to be ok because there is not much activity on the subject since the latest update of the stable version.


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