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Odd fuel issue

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I was wondering if I should call this a bug and report it or something.

For the first time in a while I forgot to turn on the fuel valve before priming the engine.

I primed it and then started using the wobble pump. The light wouldn't stay out.

Then I noticed my error and turned the valve on.

I primed it again and then went to the wobble pump and wobbled. the light went off. Less than 2 seconds later the light came on. I could not get the light to stay off no matter how many times I wobbled it. I tried multiple times.

I agree I should be punished a bit for priming with fuel valve off but I should be able to get pressure up once the valve is back on. So here I sit on the ramp hmmmm.

I am going to turn on the electric pump and see what happens.


Ok. Turning the pump on kept the light off but no start and the light came back on.

I turned the pump back off and then wobbled with success and the light stayed off.


I am going to file that under "I was being punished for being stupid and forgetting the fuel valve and wobbling all the fuel out of the line leaving a giant air pocket in the system."


Well, that's what I am going to tell the Pilot anyway. ;)


Should we call it a bug? On and off with the electric pump clears the issue anyway and you can prime and pump normally. Good to know.


It kind of seems like it could be realistic too. A mistake like I made deserves a short sharp shock.

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