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52nd Squadron is recruiting new pilots :D


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Hello guys,


just wanna let you know that 52nd squadron is recruiting new players for next 2 weeks.


Here is a short promo video:



For some reasons, I can't insert the youtube video here, sorry for that...




We are focused mostly on Team-play and utilizing different strategies to get the most out of the DCS.

If you are a troller or play this sim once per week, this is not a place for you. If you wanna get most out of this sim, fly with a wingman/lead :pilotfly:, use the radio comms, have detailed briefings with a datachart, use the brevity, learn lots of new tactics and always have somebody to fly with, here is the right place :D

We are also a very friendly community that will always try to help you in your troubles.


How does it look if you join us?

1st you are going to probation as a recruit. There you will have to prove (or learn) that you can take-off, land- navigate both during day and night, use the radar, fire a missile and launch bombs.


After probation (you skip it if you know all of it) you will get your first rank and start with real trainings.


What planes can you fly with us? Any plane you want. We have all sorts of missions/trainings, CAS, CAP, ground attack, anti-ship strike, SEAD, DEAD, Escort etc.


We have 2 trainings per week, on Tuesday and Thursday in 21.30 UTC/GMT +2, and one mission on Sunday in 21.00 GMT +2.


There is just one condition, we don't recruit ppl who are not 18+


Ofcourse, we have our own servers that we host before the training, teamspeak, discord, twitch (52ndknight) and the website:


Hope you will join us!

Have a nice day you all :D

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