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Jabbers’ - Dogfight Series


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The series should include a lot of good information including but not limitted to predict the attack window, explanations of what The bubble is, control zone, plane of motion, pst, high/low aspect bfm, reversals, 3/9 line, vertical 3/9 line, SSD execution, The Egg, etc. Stay tuned for more, and enjoy the dogfights in this video till then!


Thanks for watching!







This is the first of many episodes in a series about Dogfighting, BFM, ACM.


In this episode we will cover the basics of Aerodynamics like Lift, Weight, Drag and Thrust. We will talk about Angle of attack, lift vector, vertical lift, vertical component of lift, horizontal component of lift, how weight affects your lift and drag.



Turn Performance


In this episode we discuss Turn Performance: Turn radius, Corner Speed, Turn Rate both Instantaneous and Sustained, 1 and 2 Circle.



Edited by Jabbers_

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subscribing... (thanks).

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What happened with this series? I found it invaluable!

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Haha I think the Tomcat happened....

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