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Security switch cover bypass


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Thanks DM and Hansolo for sharing this solution. Initially i used the cover to press down on a push button. but it has to be pressed down all the time, firmly. any slight movement will be interpreted as a release. so the cover flips by itself easily.


then i tried a reed switch with a magnet. works better but still not consistently, depends on the closeness of the magnet to the reed switch.


the 3 way toggle works consistently. but it is not latched both sides according to your solution. one side is momentary. unfortunately, the base of the cover has a metal protrusion that will line up with the vertical slot in the toggle body and hold the toggle in place and prevent them from rotating from each other.

but the toggle facing that side of the slot is the latched side. so when the cover is closed, it will push the toggle down to one side, but because it is the latched side it stays down when the cover is flipped open. the cover needs to push the momentary side of the toggle when closed, then when opened the toggle recovers to the middle OFF position by itself.


if we rotate the toggle by 180 degrees, the cover will push down the correct MOM side, but the toggle's slot is now 12 o'clock while the metal protrusion is still at six o'clock. they are not lined up. so the protrusion will prevent the body to be fit through with the cover base. We need to cut off the metal part in order for the toggle body to fit into the cover base's hole. then the cover will push down the MOM side.

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Is there a way to avoid or bypass a security switch cover command? Some controls have a security switch and I would like to have a real one covering the switch of my real panel.

Actually there is.


It looks like you don't have to open the switch cover before activating the switch. I just did a quick test in the A-10C for Arm Ground Safety switch.


It appears that if you 'just' flip the override switch then the cover automatically opens. When you flip the override switch back into safe then cover does stay up but if you can live with that then you don't have to make the feed back on the cover.





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Thanks to all for your feedbacks and suggestions


I am working on a F-5E panel and A-A master arm switch has toggle switch with a 3 position switch, so I cannot use mom switch solution


I think will go with push button but I in ow that it could be hard to work consistently.


I will post my solution later


Thank again!

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