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Simpeds rudders from gameport to usb


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I just converted my Simped rudders to usb following =AH= _Sid instructions (my Cougar had died on me so need a usb conversion) all has gone well the rudders are recognised but the reading all over the place. I was going to open the Simpeds and swop the white wire with the yellow as mentioned in the instructions in the site





But on opening up the Simpeds I was greeted with more than just 4 wires. My Simped had the brake pedal already included so I guess the other wires are for the brakes.


I was hoping that Sid or if anyone could help me out on this site and may help to solve the problem.


I don’t want to swop the wire without some giving me advice don’t want to screw up the PCB


The images isn’t brilliant I know will take more detailed one if needed.





Many thanks and hope someone can help


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