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More than four aircraft on a carrier?


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Morning all,

Is there any way to get more than four aircraft to spawn on a carrier? I’m talking both the Tarawa and the Stennis. There are bays next to the runway on the Tarawa that are empty, and there are other slots on the Stennis that could be used as spawn points, or four could spawn on the ramps and four on the runway, something like that. Am I missing something or is four an absolute maximum?




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Not yet...But I believe it coming.


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The max is much higher, if there even is a max, but you only get 4 spawn points. So you make a group, start them on the LHA, then make another group and air start them, and place them right over the LHA, then switch them to "takeoff from ramp". They should snap to the LHA. Do that for as many groups as you need. When you are spawning multiple A/C in, you will have to move the previous group off the spawn points before the next can spawn in.

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