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SATAL 2018 (October 27th) - Finals, Heatblur Interview, and GIVEAWAYS


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Squadron Air to Air League 2018 - Runners-Up, Finals, Heatblur Interview and Giveaways

October 27th @ 1500z and 1800z








The time has come when SATAL must wrap for this season. The Finals are upon us and the culmination of a fantastic year is coming quickly. Since this is going to be the last stream of the season it goes with out saying that we need to go out with a bang. To make that happen we have Heatblur joining us to co-commentate, provide an interview about the upcoming Tomcat, and giveaway a Tomcat module for DCS World to a lucky viewer. To go along with the Heatblur festivities, we also have several other giveaways to send out that include Sky Knights game keys, Thrustmaster Warthog push-through detents, a DCS World Su-33 and KA-50 module, and a Thrustmaster T16000M Hotas. The Stream will be taking place on the DCSWorldEvents Twitch channel.


All of this will be taking place during the SATAL Finals stream that will be taking place on October 27th starting with the Runners-up match, 104th vs inSKY, at 1500z and the Finals match, 51st Bisons vs SF, at 1800z. Both of these matches pit some of the, if not THE, best squadrons in DCS World and should be very exciting to watch. Mark your calendars and tell your wife you're single for the weekend. Also, be sure to follow the DCSWorldEvents channel to enable alerts to make sure you don't miss the action.


SATAL 2018 Twitch


If you are unfamiliar with SATAL you can get all of the needed information, rules, stats, and past schedules from the sites below. If you have never watched a SATAL match before I highly suggest you give this weekend a shot. It is very exciting and some of the best DCS action you will ever see. Every matchup seems to outdue the last in excitement, skill, and immersion. It has been a wild ride and Im already looking forward to next year and the new things to come.


SATAL Rules and Information

SATAL Schedule and Stats

SATAL Past Broadcasts


If you are thinking about joining the SATAL 2019 season, make sure you're on the lookout for information and signups that should be coming around the Christmas holiday season. The most exciting proposed change will be the possible inclusion of an amateur league that will provide a more accessible competitive experience for new emerging and/or squadrons. The new league will follow a very similar format to the premiership, but will feature 4v4 instead of the current 6v6 to again make the league more accessible for teams just entering the competitive scene in DCS World. Again, if you are looking to compete in the Premiership or the proposed Amateur league make sure to be on the lookout for news and signups that will be coming in the near future. Also, be on the lookout for a brand new guns event that will be announced shortly after the completion of the SATAL 2018 season.


To wrap this up, I never thought SATAL would be this popular or have this much of a following, but it has been quite the experience and I and the rest of the 51st Bisons team are so very happy that we got to experience it all with the DCS World Community. A special thank you to all of our sponsors and contributors! Dart/LotATC for allowing SATAL teams to use licenses for LotATC to give SATAL the best most realistic experience possible. Tacview for its continuous help in helping me improve the quality of the Tacview segment on stream as well as the contributions of licenses to the prize pool and the awesome software that allows us to brief and debrief from flights with ease. Finally, Heatblur for its generous contributions of prizes (500 euros) and modules (12 Tomcat modules), mentorship, and continued commitment to making this possible. Without them this whole event would not be possible. Heatblur has shown their continued commitment to both the event and the community and that is something rarely seen and it has been a real pleasure to be able to work with them. If you were not mentioned in this list do not fret. There are many that helped make this possible and I personally would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you. I hope that next year we will be able to all come together again to make SATAL even better than before.

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Today is the day! Its FINALS day for SATAL! The last stream of the year. We start here in 30 min with the 3rd place match between 104th and inSKY. The Finals will follow at 1800z between 51st Bisons and SF. Also, don't forget that Heatblur will be here after the finals match to talk about the Tomcat and giveaway a ton of swag including a T16000M hotas, Warthog throttle detents, Tomcat modules, Su33 and KA50 modules, Tacview Pro licenses, and Sky Knights Steam keys. Going to be an awesome time! See you in 30!


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Here is the full interview (i cut out the stream giveaway content) with Heatblur during the SATAL finals on Oct. 27th 2018. I've timestamped all the topics that were covered for your convenience. Enjoy!


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