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Which DCS countries have the L-39C / L-39ZA


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Is there a list or roster or something which has a list of which countries have the L-39C and L-39ZA in DCS? There only seem to be a few nations with the L-39ZA, although lots have the L-39C. I've searched the forums/web, but cannot find anything.




So, before I go through and check every one of them in the Mission Editor to figure out what my options are for scenario building, I thought I'd ask if there is already a list available? Or if there is perhaps a .lua file somewhere which has the national availability of the variants? Thanks.

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You can find the exact number in the script (db countries.lua) that you will find (HDD: \ Eagle Dynamics \ DCS World OpenBeta \ Scripts \ Database \ file ... or .... HDD: \ Program Files \ Eagle Dynamics \ DCS World OpenBeta \ Scripts \ Database \ file ....).


db countries.lua shows 11 countries in the list l-39 c / za

(Google translate)

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@ Vladislav2Gimloo ... THANK YOU!

That was exactly what I had been trying to find. So, based on that, I've extracted the following information (in case anyone else is curious).





Without exception, all forces have access to the L-39C.


Based on the db_countries.lua script, the following forces have the L-39ZA.



  • USA
  • Russia
  • Abkhazia
  • Algeria
  • Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic
  • Georgia
  • Hungary
  • Slovakia
  • Syria
  • Ukraine







Additionally, I found that you can check the "..\DCSWorld\CoreMods\aircraft\L-39\Liveries" folder. This indicates which liveries exist.

L-39C Liveries



  • Algerian AF NL-29
  • Black Diamond Jet Team
  • Czech Air Force
  • Czech Air Force CLV
  • Czechoslovakia Air Force
  • DDR Luftwaffe
  • DDR Luftwaffe Early
  • France EC24 Fictional
  • German Bundeswehr 28+53
  • Russ Jet Team
  • Russian Air Force
  • Russian Air Force Navy
  • Russian Air Force Old
  • Slovak Air Force
  • Ukraine Air Force UKHW


L-39ZA Liveries



  • Algerian AF NL-44
  • Algerian AF Tiger NL-36
  • Czech Air Force
  • Czechoslovakia Air Force
  • Russian Air Force
  • Slovak Air Force
  • Splinter camo desert
  • Splinter camo woodland


All of the above is based on DCS Open Beta version, 24-Oct-2018.

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You can also have a look here:





There are still a number of countries which are not represented in DCS, but which do operate DCS aircraft, like the L-39 or the MiG-21.

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