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X51 Squadron - the more the merrier!


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Hello everyone,



I haven't been part of this forum community for very long, haven't actually been playing DCS that long either, although I have been flying other sims for a while. But, if any of you were watching VUAF last weekend you may have already heard my voice!




That's not exactly why I'm here, although it's as good an intro as any. All that kind of makes me my squadron's Public Relations officer. My squadron, X51, recently had their Aerobatics team debut at VUAF.



But, X51 Squadron is a hell of a lot more than 6 people in Harriers. We have a great bunch of guys spread out across the world, and we're always looking for more members. If you're just starting out and looking to train up, or experienced and looking for some good wingmen, drop in to our Discord (invite in video below) and join up! We do organised trainings, formation flying, combat, and we're brewing up a second Aerobatics team for future events! We have regular events where we run our own server with in-house designed co-op missions and, of course, we fly as a team on public servers!




We fly in DCS, but also IL2 and War Thunder!




Anyway, they say a picture speaks a thousand words, but what about a video? Here's a quick teaser for our Aerobatics team.



Discord invite is at the end of the video, if you fancy popping in and saying hi!






I'll also leave this here. You can find the full display on VUAF's own channels but I think this highlight reel from one of our members sums it up quite well.






If you have any questions reply to the thread or PM me, I'm always happy to answer and chat :)



And here's out squadron webpage: https://x51squadron.com/

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=X51= Squadron is recruiting!

X51 website: https://x51squadron.com/

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/d9JtFY4

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