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Rift memory usage weirdness with 1080Ti


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Okay for a while now DCS has really not utilised the available 11GB of VRAM on my 1080Ti in that usually DCS only uses 5 to 6 GB for pretty much all the maps. So lately I have been using task manager to do some fine tuning and maybe convince my self that I don't need no fancy smancy 2080Ti upgrade. Which I can't afford at this time. :doh:


Well I noticed that if I start DCS and jump into a mission I'd use yes that's correct 5 to 6 GB of VRAM kinda under utilising the Graphics card but if I jump into a multiplayer game I'd use well most of the 11GB well atleast 10GB of it yah! But if I then jump into a local PC mission DCS would also use around 10GB of available VRAM, even loading up a different map?


I'm just wondering if this is something from the changes to memory usage, I mean we all had to use only 8GB of system memory with some lower amount of VRAM and so forth but I have 64GB of system RAM sitting there waiting to be used and 11GB of VRAM waiting to be used and I get it that many do not have this but really?


So why after a system restart should the system resources revert back to a minimalist level?

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