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Default bindings in default.lua not removed


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We have seen the addition of default profiles (files ending with "diff.lua" in the folder "...DCS World\Mods\aircraft\Bf-109K-4\Input\aircraft\joystick". These provide default bindings for specific game controllers for many aircrafts and can be activated by the user.

However we already had many default bindings in the "default.lua" for most aircraft. These caused multiple bindings across game controllers for commands like View (up/down/left/right/...), fire gun, and axis commands each time you installed an aircraft. They were driven by the "combos" statement in "default.lua". Examples:

{combos = {{key = 'JOY_BTN_POV1_L'}},                         pressed = iCommandViewLeftSlow, up = iCommandViewStopSlow, name = _('View Left slow'), category = _('View')},
{combos = {{key = 'JOY_BTN_POV1_R'}},                         pressed = iCommandViewRightSlow, up = iCommandViewStopSlow, name = _('View Right slow'), category = _('View')},
{combos = {{key = 'JOY_BTN_POV1_U'}},                         pressed = iCommandViewUpSlow, up = iCommandViewStopSlow, name = _('View Up slow'), category = _('View')},
{combos = {{key = 'JOY_BTN_POV1_D'}},                         pressed = iCommandViewDownSlow, up = iCommandViewStopSlow, name = _('View Down slow'), category = _('View')},
{combos = {{key = 'JOY_BTN_POV1_UR'}},                         pressed = iCommandViewUpRightSlow, up = iCommandViewStopSlow, name = _('View Up Right slow'), category = _('View')},
{combos = {{key = 'JOY_BTN_POV1_DR'}},                         pressed = iCommandViewDownRightSlow, up = iCommandViewStopSlow, name = _('View Down Right slow'), category = _('View')},
{combos = {{key = 'JOY_BTN_POV1_DL'}},                         pressed = iCommandViewDownLeftSlow, up = iCommandViewStopSlow, name = _('View Down Left slow'), category = _('View')},
{combos = {{key = 'JOY_BTN_POV1_UL'}},                         pressed = iCommandViewUpLeftSlow, up = iCommandViewStopSlow, name = _('View Up Left slow'), category = _('View')},

In my opinion these "combos" statements should have been removed when the default profiles were introduced. We do not need two sources of default bindings!


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