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Already asked: Affecting a sound to a unit


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As you can see, more and more users are making mods giving us the possibility to have civilian objects. The last, released some hours ago, give us animated merry-go-rounds and Ferris wheels to place around an airshow or elsewhere.



But what a strange ambience ! The crowd is silent, just the merry-go-rounds are making the same noise than turning radar units ( that's surely why the author as placed merry-go-rounds and Ferris wheels in the "air defence" category) and except this noise, we just can hear some cicadas and crickets and some far motors I've tested on Batumi airport).



That's why I ask again, again again....again and again yet, the possibility to associate sounds with units. In this way, each of us could associate the sound we want and having the sound ambience we want at a determined place.



Of course, we already have the action trigger "play sound" to all, or just a coalition or a group but in this case the sound is heard in the same manner, canopy opened or close, far or near a place. I want to say, this sound has not a point of origin. So, it's unrealistic.




You have two ways to give us this possibility. In the trigger action box, you can add the "group play sound" or "unit play sound" with a loop option or in the advanced options of a group, you can add, as a command, "play a sound" with loop option too.

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