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[ALREADY REPORTED] Ripple Salvos with VER and Single Stations Mixed


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When dropping a bomb salvo with bombs from a combination of VER and parent racks, only the bombs on VER are released. upon selecting the bomb on the Stores page again, the remaining bombs on parent racks are released immediately.



-Select a loadout with a combination of VER and bombs on parent racks (for example 2*Mk-20 on stations 2/8 and a single Mk-20 on station 5).

-Create a weapons program to drop all weapons in one ripple single salvo (in this case QTY 5/MLTY 1).

-Fly a CCIP attack -> Only bombs from VER are dropped.

-Select bomb on Stores page again -> no action.

-Select bomb on Stores page again -> Remaining bombs are dropped immediately (pickle button not pressed).

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