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A "alternative History".... Persian Gulf War


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I've making some videos to make an "alternate history" by a war-game (Harpoon 4) and DCS World, to set up a story in the Persian Gulf theatre and its antagonists start "hit one another with clubs". The videos has good to bad quality (let's say my computer has some old...).


The story begins on August 16, 2018, a yacht collides with an explosive device submerged near the coast of Oman and the Oman navy asks for help to the USA request help by panic to have naval mines in the area. The LCS-4 USS Colorado is deployed with an anti-mine and anti-surface module, including a marines company deployed on the coast to patrol the area, searching possible insurgency forces and several air assets on United Arab Emirates airbase.


Situation Report:


During the following months, the LCS-4 discovers several explosive improvised devices floating in the patrol zona, and several fishing boats are registered, but it becomes on a tense wait without result. The Marines detachment has retire at early October and the air force detachment begins training combat drills with the Gulf Cooperation Council (CCG) allies.


On October 9, the LCS-4 radars detect three fast surface contacts on approach. The LCS still within the mine search area from ​​two months ago on patrol. Quickly alerts the air force detachment and turn on battle stations. He has dead in the water since he has deployed several USV drones and divers who were examining two objects in the sea floor.


The contacts enter on the LCS-4 visual and has identificate as Iranians speedboats, that begin to use harassment tactics against the LCS-4 and send some "Filipino monkey" type communication, meanwhile, the Coronado warns by radio that area has unsafe and recommends getting away. The Iranians ships ignore the warnings and try to raze The LCS with comings and goings for 10 minutes, but inexplicably, when one of those boats makes a quick turn towards the Coronado, it explodes in flames as if it had hit something underwater.


The other boats break contact and head north. The coronada intent make a rescue operations looking for some survivor, but it is useless, only pieces of plastic remain, several corpses in their life jackets and an oil stain. The aircraft that had mounted a patrol in the area, chasing the Iranian boats that come out like a bat out of hell and depart to Iranian waters.


The LCS-4 stay in station until the ship's commander makes the decision to leave the area and go to the port of Oman, which arrives a few hours later. The aerial detachment of Hornets and Harriers also moves to Oman to reinforce protection by moving to other destinations throughout the days. The LCS-4 Coronado is required in the Red Sea area to support Navy vessels in the area.


The Iranian boats:



A diplomatic storm is declared. The Us, with the LCS-4, the F/A-18C and AV-8Bs film recording, put on the table that they have not opened fire. The Iranians simply do not believe it and call to attack the western "devil". The situation escalate with the October, 14th Army Oman troops deploy an air defence unit with an early warning radar, several Bofords L70 guns and security personnel at Khasab Airport, on the south side of the Strait of Hormuz. If the situation was already "tense", In the the Iranian Republican Guard Headquarter in Tehran, someone take a unsuspected decision.


Without consulting the Ayatollahs high council, one of the generals mounted an "incursion" with selected members and on October 18, a group of Mig-29s, F-14s, F-5As and a Su-24 that had a mission of planned training to the south of Iran, leaves at low altitude from Bandar Abbas and crosses the strait waves to the south, not giving reaction time to Oman and the Emirates to make a Scramble. A few minutes later, at 17:20 local time, the base of Khasab is bombed and get out of service, with such bad luck that several Swedish advisers on visit (yes, they do the Swedes so far south and in an area hot) has killed when several RBKs fall over them.



And here, we started a mess, a Swedish air force squad that was part of the group of advisers and that was going towards a range of Qatar to find out, take the "justice by his hand"....., let's say that some that some GCC members of the GCC and the Swedish government "give" carte blanche. The AJS-37 squad cross the Persian Gulf 20 minutes after the attack on Khasab, sink a small convoy of naval vessels of the Iranian Republican Guard and leave a wreck on the Bandar Lengeh airport, and disappearing towards the south in the twilight.



During the night, in the western diplomatic offices, anti-acid boxes enter in trucks, the oil barrel goes off, and some official communique is expected.


The UAE and Oman armed forces has put on high alert and permits are cancelled. While in Iran, the Ayatollahs are between the sword and the wall, the radicals chiis mount demonstrations in front of several legations and the Rohani government goes as it goes like headless chicken.


The Republican Guard generals are preparing to backlash and plan to hit where it hurts the most. Armed at the Shiraz air base twelve Su-24 and at six o'clock on the morning of October nineteen these take off and hidden in the mountainous valleys of the south of Iran heading towards the south east at low altitude.


The air defence radars of the GCC detected at 6:15 over Bandar Abbas two pairs of aircraft with south bearing, are two F-14As and two Mig-29A. The UAE air force order take off two pairs of Mirage 2000C in a first defence of the south zone of the Hormuz straight, the commanders have decided that aircraft will remain outside the Iranian border.


At the moment that the Tomcats and Fulcrum cross the strait, a great formation appears on the east side of the island of Quesh, jumping over Larak, following the terrain thanks yours terrain following radars.


The Mirage 2000C are alerted but they find the AN/AWG-9 and N019 Sapfir 29 radars locked on them and Phoenix and R-27 Alamo misiles incoming before they can reach the launch range of the Super 530s air to air misiles. Meanwhile, several ships transiting the strait like oil tanker Elka Delphi send radio communicates that the Iranian aircrafts are releasing objects in the sea, at south of the island of Larak and heading south towards the crossing navigation lines areas of the Strait of Hormuz.


Aerial combat over the southern area gave enough time for the Fencer to deploy their mortal cargo and quickly return to Iranian territory. The losses of the CCG are three mirage 2000C downed and one seriously damaged, while the two Mig 29 had light damage.


At 6:34, the container ship Alf Fides, entering the Persian Gulf sends a emergency distress signal, one of the devices launched by the Su-24 had fallen a few hundred yards from its bow and within a few minutes a detonation has shaken the ship, producing a waterway and several casualties among the crew.



Five minutes later, the Vietnamese tanker Phan Fon 1 on the way out of Persian gulf, suffers another detonation and must be quickly evacuated with a large fire on board, drifting and embarrassing on the nearby Kumzar peninsula. The remaining ships turn around and enter on safe harbors while the Gulf Security Council asks for help from the UN Security Council and the United States.


Analysts suspect that the Su-24 were able to deploy some forty-eight AMD-500 naval mines in the Strait of Hormuz.

More news to the front

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