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Dynamic persistent war by ED


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Didn't find anything on this with a quick google & forum search so here we go with a new thread. Would appreciate if you can point me to previous discussion (I'm sure there's some).


In the recent Wags interview he states that ED is planning (I guess that's a few years before we see it) to add a dynamic multiplayer* campaign. With capturing bases it sounds like a spec similar to what's running in current community based persistent warfare modes (don't know these personally yet).



My preferred gaming tradition being the PvP multiplayer combination of action and strategy, this could be the bee's knees for DCS if implemented properly. This would imply making it user extendable and with better Combined Arms elements.


Why these requirements? For starters, persistent warfare is already a thing in community MP in DCS and people coming from other titles can bring their knowledge and vision about this style of gameplay to best flesh it out. The final value proposition to the DCS gaming community will come from user created modifications on the game mode. What I read between the lines is that ED is seeking primarily to develop an engine that can algorithmically create missions (obviously there's already some rudimentary capacity in this direction) and they could well create extensive APIs for users to customize this at various levels.


The combined arms aspect is more tricky because it's outside of ED's current core areas and a segment (module) where they somewhat underdeliver at the time being. Some people say that better CA is necessary to extend the user base towards larger populations (in the PC gaming mainstream) but from my point of view the CA aspect is necessary to provide a rich and believable context to the air arm. You could maybe label it authenticy over realism.


What do you think? Where can DCS go with this kind of a game mode?


*) Wags didn't state 100% explicitly it's for multiplayer but it was very apparent from the context

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This has been discussed ad nauseam here and every other DCS forum for years. Search “Dynamic Campaign”.


Everyone has the same generally the same thought: yes it will be awesome. The realists know how difficult it will be to do though (based on feedback from the developer on the “other sim” that made comments saying as much in dramatic fashion), and wonder how good it can be done in DCS. Moreover, most people realize the core of the game needs quite a bit of cleanup before a DC is viable whatsoever.


A DC is my #1 want and has been for a long time, but I think it’s a long way off because of the amount of holes ED needs to fill first with basic functionality in what already exists.



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As Buckeye said: An integrated dynamic canmpaign of some sorts is beeing a hot topic almost as long as DCS exists. See this thread in particular: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=64161


In May 2018 ED finally woke up and started working on such a feature. The first step was to find someone with experience with working on RTS type games: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3485763&postcount=1120


I think they have found such a guy, because in some recent interview Wags said that work on that feature is in full swing now. We shouldn't expect any results within the next 1-2 years though.

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