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Su-25T HUD Glare Cure ?


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Been scouring the forums for a fix for the nasty glare on the HUD glass in the Su-25T. This glare makes impossible to see your target in low light conditions. Is there a fix out there or do we just run missions in high sun conditions ? Which I don't like to do ! Thanks guys for any info or direction to fix this glare.

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SU25T HUD glare after recent Upgrade


:helpsmilie:SU-25T is the one I am flying, bad glare stays on the HUD no matter what ...

I tried Devrims english cockpit and the install is always complex since I have ENGLISH folders in 2 different places.

Im getting a big mess in the cockpit textures when I choose English. Can someone explain the install of MODS, what folder do they go ? I actually tried in SAVED GAMES where the other ENGLISH Cockpit folders are located, and in the LIVERIES folder under DCS. When I change a folder name under DCS for SU25T it appears under the Options menu "English" "OLDENGLISH" etc. for the SU25T

There must be some instruction that i have missed over the years about installation of MODS.


Does anyone else have this issue first with SU25T glare since the recent upgrade, and then using the latest Devrim English cockpit and glare fix ?


My workaround is to use ALT-F1, so hard to see in that plane anyway I dont feel like Im cheating, but its not the same thing without the cockpit.


And just for fun teh SU27 does not show the ENGLISH cockpit in OPTIONS any longer, but the cockpit is in English ??

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