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Usual range for 20mm/SNEB?


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I'm just curious about your "typical" firing range of the 20mm cannon or the SNEB rockets. The effective range of the autocannon should be around 2km (1.25 statue miles) HE round (http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNFR_2cm-90_Giat.php), the SNEB rocket 3-4km (1.8-2.5 miles)? However from this helicopter I find it hard to hit anything beyond some 500m (1,700ft). The autocannon has quite a dispersion even in this range. Rockets fly accurately (probably) but I'm too lame to aim them using the fixed sight (I don't have the sight depression tables like for Huey anyway).


Most people I see on youtube fire these weapons from close range as well, e.g.



Do you fire the Gazelle L version weapons in the same ranges as the WWII fighter pilots fired their guns as well?

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