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Setup ACM mission against AI aircraft


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Hi am trying to setup ACM mission against AI aircraft on NTTR range map. To make it more realistic, the player is set to immortal so you don’t have to keep on restarting the mission when you get hit. The way I want it to work is when the player gets hit a message will come up” Player call sign your dead” at that point the AI aircraft would disengage from the contact for a set time or until the player sets off a radio trigger when ready to engage again. At the moment I can get this to work once only by using the hit unit command in the editor. I.e. the player gets hit then the AI aircraft breaks off contact then after set time AI aircraft re-engages but this time after the player is hit again the AI just keeps on engaging. I have tried most ways in editor but can’t solve this problem. Anyone out there any idea’s.

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