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APU start and AUG PULL


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I am trying to build my knowledge of the aircraft systems, and have come across a small discrepancy between what the manual says and what happens in DCS. Here's what should happen according to the manual :


- when both generators are online (both engines running), the APU should be able to be started (on the ground only I assume ?)

- to restart the APU, AUG PULL should be selected first on the Bleed air knob, and then the APU should start (and won't shutdown until AUG PULL is deselected - this part works fine)




However, in-game, the reverse happens:


- AUG PULL cannot be selected while the APU is off

- the APU starts fine, and once the APU switch is in ON, the AUG PULL works also


So have I misunderstood the manual or is there something awry here? I am well aware that ECS augmentation is not a very critical function for the DCS module, but, well.


Apart from that, most things work quite according to the manual.


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