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Guide for Creating a Simple USB Button Box


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Hi All,


Since I recently discovered the immersion factor of using a Oculus Rift with DCS, I've found using a mouse somewhat detracting from the overall experience (I've already got a TM Warthog as well as a pair of TM Cougar MFDs).


To put it simply, are there any guides out there that detail how to build a 'simple' button box? I'm after 2-6 on/off push buttons (for general use), a couple of rotary knobs (for flood lights, instrument panel lights etc) and a various number of on/off toggle switches (for Master Arm, refueling prob extend/retract etc; may have to use on/off/on switches here though).


I've come across Leo Bodnar's website where a USB BBI-32 button box interface is listed but are there any guides out there for actually adding the above controls? Once I'm able to get this working, I plan on on adding a housing to make it pretty/tacticool.


Maybe there other interface boxes/websites out there that people use apart from Leo's?


Would appreciate any tips/links to pre-existing guides



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BBI-32 is an good start point if you don't have previous DIY experience.


Is just fit the card inside a assembly box, put switches, buttons, encoders and wire in BBI-32.


This button box is not using BBI-32 but is an good "how to" example on how build one:



Similar to Leo Bodnar carts are DSD cards, too ready to use and PnP for Windows.



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