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Recommendations for great gaming monitor for DCS

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Hey guys.


My wife is forcing me to get rid of my projector and my ubbutto gaming chair DCS setup.


2 questions:

1) How does dcs look on an ultra wide monitor? In my mind it would look rubbish & strange on such a wide but shallow aspect ratio but does anyone have one or know for sure?


2) Does anyone have any recommendations for a good gaming monitor that would be good with DCS - size is no issue and peice is broadly no issue.


-NB: No VR suggestions please. I've made my peace with not getting that for now ;)


Many thanks.

- Sharpe

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I've been eyeballing the Dell UP3216Q and UP2718Q (both 4k), personally. I've always had a great experience with Dell displays - at least the higher end ones.


If I didn't use the same PC I use for work (which is mostly photo editing), I would probably go ultrawide for additional FOV in DCS. I get what you're saying about the shallow aspect ratio, but I think if you tinkered with the view settings it would be fine.

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WQHD PG239Q from Asus is perfect in my eyes... and with gsync, 165Hz a blast.

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