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Making a modern Huey cockpit (TH1H based)


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Hi all!!


I decided to star building my own Huey cockpit, but insted of and old rock and roll vintage Huey, i'm going to make a more modern one, at least in appearence!!


I got inspired by the USAF helicopter trainer, the TH1H. Its basically a militarized Huey 2. Here you can have a look of the pic i'm using as reference.




Maybe some of you may be horrorized by the idea of not making an original Huey, but hey! Its fun to make sometimes something different :thumbup:


I've been working a lot with DCS Bios (first time with arduino BTW) and i have been hable to export al sort of things you already know, so now its time to build!


I'm not a big fan of the WHOLE DIY thing, so this proyect will cost a bit more money but it will be focused on final look and quality.


Small buys until now while i continue some DCS Bios testing:


Caution Lights panel






They advertised a different caution panel than the one that's in the DCS Huey, and they made a custom one according to my requirements, really nice from them. Now the very same i asked is one their website


The idea of this is using green leds for a more modern NVG compatible look. Here are some pics from the light panel lighting test did using an original Huey caution lights panel.


Original yellow lighting vs green




Final look and testing, really pleased




I managed to make work all lights. THANKS TO DCS BIOS! God, what an amazing work that is... thanks to everyone involved in its development.


I got my hands on some original Huey switch panels also, but only with the intention of keeping some hard to find switches, like gov switch, and so on. Also the Low RPM magnetic switch.




Some switches looked really bad so i took my time to make them look a bit better. This are two different, but trust me, the one on the right looked even worst than the one on the left. These will be painted red later (Gov and Main Fuel)




Thanks to Youtube user Péter Károly JUHÁSZ (I dont know who he is here) i was able to export the ADF to a tiny oled display using also DCS Bios



It looks awfull in that pc, but I use my laptop for working with dcs bios.




Last but not least, I bought two pairs of this






For me, a great part of this modern Huey cockpit are the seats! I like the blackhawk seats because their structure looks a lot like the old huey seats, but... IDK... MODERN :D I have one Huey seat structure and the idea es making the seat with wood, bolt it to the original structure and then add the apache cushions on top.


This pic im using as a base for my seats.




Some more things are on the shopping cart, but we will take it slowly... a lot to work for now with what I have...


I'll be updating as i progress in the project


Thanks for your time!



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