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HOTAS - help to pick a cheap AMP to drive 4 x 8 ohm Dayton puck

super kermit

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I need help to pick a cheap AMP to drive 4 x 8 ohm Dayton pucks


Two pucks under the HOTAS mounts


4 x Dayton Audio TT25-8 PUCK Tactile Transducer Mini Bass Shaker 8 Ohm


I am after an amp to drive these in combination with a buttkicker gamer 2.


PC > optical out > DAC > RCA L+R > Y splitter RCAs > one as an input to an amp, the other as an input to the BK amp.


I need help picking an amp to drive the dayton pucks (2 on each side)


SMSL SA-98E TDA7498E Stereo Amplifier 2 x 160W $105

Pyle PCAU48BT Mini Bluetooth 2 x 120W Stereo Amplifier with Remote USB SD RCA AUX $80

Dayton Audio DTA-2.1BT 100W Class D 2.1 Amplifier with Bluetooth and Power Supply $70

Lepai LP-168HA 2.1 2x40W Mini Amplifier + 1x68W Sub Output $30

Lepai LP-2020TI Digital Hi-Fi Audio Mini Class D Stereo Amplifier with Power Supply $25

NOBSOUND - no idea of which model


Physical size is NOT an issue

BUT open to ANY OTHER AMP, ONLY driving the pucks.

Aliexpress as a source also ok

Cheaper is better re the AMP.


Qs Do I need tone control and/or volume control? (I think I need both?)

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