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English in Aviation Survey


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I'm doing a report on the effect English has had as the language of aviation worldwide.


If you could please complete this short survey about your experience with aviation and its effect on your language speaking ability, I'd be thankful. :)




The form is rather short, so I hope this helps you to get a good response rate.


My question: my personal involvement in aviation is as follows:

- Playing sims like DCS (I'm learning more Russian than English from this...)

- Reading articles on-line (mostly English), magazines (mostly Dutch) and books (mixed)

- Infrequently attending airshows, aviation musea etc.


So, my involvement (especially transmitting instead of receiving) in actual aviation is close to zero.


I have therefore not filled in the poll in order to not mix up your test results.


Personally I would enter a few control question like:


"Are you, as a hobby or professionally, involved in flying aircraft?". Answers: "yes", "no" or "only ground-based e.g. ATC, maintainance etc."




"How often do you have to communicate internationally in the above activity?" Answers: "Daily", "Weekly", "Unfrequent"


Good luck!

Modules: Bf 109, C-101, CE-II, F-5, Gazelle, Huey, Ka-50, Mi-8, MiG-15, MiG-19, MiG-21, Albatros, Viggen, Mirage 2000, Hornet, Yak-52, FC3

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I'm a professional technical English translator/proofreader with 9 years of experience. My focus areas are aviation and defence. Would you like me to fill in the survey now or after you revise it based on the feedback you've received?


I'm currently in the process of moving back to aerospace engineering.

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