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AI aircraft not taking off in bad weather?


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Thought this might be more sensible posting here than the FC3 sub-forum:


I've been messing around with the mission editor setting up little scenarios for my own amusement and usually I can understand where I went wrong if something screws up.


But! I had a F-15C and F-15E set up to take off from parking, but rather than do that they just sat out the whole mission. On the Red base, two Mig-29A took off from parking no problem.


Thinking it might be something to do with my location on the base (in an A-10A) I moved my aircraft to a different base. No difference.


Maybe the weather? I had set up a dynamic weather system with 4 systems so the result was a decent crosswind and rain. Not too tricky to fly in.


To test whether that was an issue I set the weather to static and fine, so no rain or wind. Then the F-15s started to make their move.


So my question is does the weather make a difference? Should it? How do I know what the limits are if this is the case?


Note that neither F-15s were overloaded; they were at around 90% and both had waypoints plotted.



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