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How to use native ESCORT Task with .lua script


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I would like to assign an escort task to a specific AI helicopter group, to follow a specific AI ground convoy, using .lua script.

This is a native core function of DCS LUA?


While it's a quite simple using the mission editor, I need to achieve the same behavior inside script because both group are dynamically spawned using MOOSE, so I need to do inside the .lua script to get the actual spawned group name.


Any Idea?



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I looked into it yesterday (after reading the other thread you wrote, which doesn't seem to exist anymore...for some reason :music_whistling:) and it seems like MOOSE doesn't "support" helicopter ground escort tasks per se (unless I'm missing something).


If you somehow found a way to script ground escort tasks for helicopter groups, then I guess it would simply be a matter of using sets and iterators to find those dynamically spawned units/groups and push the escort task to the helicopter groups.


Perhaps this could be achieved without scripting an escort task per se.

Maybe you could just set up moving zones based on convoy units/groups and set the helicopters to engage enemies while inside that zone (and remain in it). I've never tried such a thing , though, just an idea.

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