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A suggestion for the AI wingmen


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How about the "engage bandits" command sets the AI to engage any bandits as soon as they detect any.




Just set it so that once this command is given, the AI wingmen stay in formation until detecting a bandit, at which point they break formation to engage?




It is very frustrating to approach an enemy flight waiting for the AI to tell me that they see what I already know is there. Making this worse is that if there are multiple bandits the AI will call them all and I have to give the engage bandit command multiple times to try to get this command in. I am litterally shooting and maneuvering with my flight flying form on me calling "tally bandit x-oclock" and I'm spamming engage bandits trying to get them to attack, but I seem to need to wait for a gap in their calls to get my command out. And this is not a radio frequency issue, they do eventually respond affirmative or often with "unable" if they are already defending).

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