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Odyssey users. Gauges Line map text hud white text, menu severe flickering/shimm


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A question for Odyssey users only. i got another post on this but i am wondering about your experience inside the HMD. There's no need to troubleshoot (unless you have the magic solution of course) i have tried just about everything related to HW/software


I have turned off all shadows as they are so jagged and flicker so much its silly. I have reset the shaders a few times already but no change.


This is all at PD 1 4x AA 2x SSAA Without any AA its complete garbage. (PD has 0 impact on flickering regardless of setting)


Menu text flicker black/white pixels feels like constantly changing position. You got this on loading into sim picture too and all menu text.


F18: I used to have a clean looking cockpit where everything was nice to look at, nothing was flickering. White performance text lower left is 80% unreadable. Map text flickers like crazy. Hud flickers a little. + other stuff


The Huey: Some of the instruments (they all got it) flicker/shimmer a lot . Again never had any issues. The green radar altimeter has always been solid with no issues. Now shimmer/flickers


A10 All dials flicker/shimmer like a mofo no AA slightly better 4x but not much. Map shimmer/flicker on text, lines etc


KA50 Practically the whole cockpit is screaming at you. All gauges flicker/shimmer and lots of other stuff


Roads (albeit somewhat normal but not really seen before) Labels flicker/shimmer a lot


Top of the hills in nevada are flickering/shimmering and thats no trees, just a line. Did not do so before.


While its magnified in VR and bit harder to see on the screen its there then too. When turning off VR and just going 1080 4x AA your camera sits perfectly still so its not an issue in the cockpit but you can tell on the trees when turning etc and probably somewhat with trackir but i dont have that anymore. Everything is so much worse in VR though so its just not comparable. Without any AA like the VR preset is just instant headache as every line in the world goes mental


Feels like something is very broken somewhere and it refuse to apply AA correctly. Could also be something to do with WMR not rendering things as it should



Honestly on the video you cant really tell, i dont know if it is YT that smooths things out cause the org file you can see it properly. The white text and map etc feels like its under rippling water or something and black white pixels constantly changes positions. Imagine it being about 5-10 times worse than you can see here.


Wish i had another HMD to test with too



Its not only in DCS


So any such issues?

1080 ti, i7700k 5ghz, 16gb 3600 cl14 ddr4 oc

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"4x AA 2x SSAA"


MSA x2, SSAA off, ANSIx2



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